Putting away the yard for the remainder of the summer.

Yes, that’s what it amounts to. I watched the weather last night and we’re in for at least a week of 100-plus degrees days (degrees days?). A few years ago I realized that it ain’t no sin, crime, etc., to just lay off the heavy yard work when the brutal part of the summer gets here.

It might even be the sensible thing to do. I just noticed that the auto spellcheck is throwing up a red dashed line under the word “ain’t.” Ain’t? Really, after all these years? I mean, what kind of world are we living in?

Well, I pulled up my cucumber plants now that they had shriveled up and tomorrow I’ll do the same to the cantaloupe. Cucumbers are usually one of the best performers here on the very local gardening scene and this year was no exception. The cantaloupes were the big surprise this year. I planted them in my 10×8 bed with only a couple of sunflowers to keep them company and the plants produced 9 delicious melons. We ended up getting about two months worth of cucumbers and cantaloupes this year. For now I’m going to stick with my plan of growing a larger number of a smaller variety of plants.


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