End of Summer?

One hot ending to a pretty cool summer

This time of year, I always get an uncomfortable feeling as I wonder if fall will really arrive. Will there be some kind of big sweep of cool air or will it be one of those autumns that just creeps in so slowly that you hardly notice it? Then you’re left with this dissatisfied feeling having never experienced  a good tangible change of season event.

I’m trying not to complain much about a summer that seemed more moderately temperatured and rainy than many. It’s just that currently it’s so darn hot. It reminds me of when I’m driving home from work and the whole trip goes smoothly until I hit a traffic jam less than five minutes from the house. There’s no good shortcuts and I’m just stuck. The last three miles takes as long the first ten.

That’s what it feels like when you’ve had a very pleasant summer, as they go, and then find yourself on September 1 with a temp of 105 degrees. Even though I’m not convinced yet, I’m working on convincing myself that it really is better than if it would have been this hot all along. We had a couple of months of homegrown cucumbers that stayed right up until we got into our couple of months of homegrown cantaloupe, so how bad can it be.


Homemade bread with homegrown cantaloupe in bowls made by Keith Thomson of Firehouse Pottery. Buddha is smiling.


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