On a weather rollercoaster!

50° F change over a week seems like no big deal,

Weather_01Then it’s a 40° F swing in under 2 days,

Weather_02Now we’re looking at almost 80°F today (I’m confident it will be a little warmer – it almost always is) and 17°F (!!! which smiley is for BRRRR?) tomorrow night,

Weather_04That was written Saturday when I was anticipating a possible 65° drop in about 36 hours. Now it’s Monday and the temp swing turned out to be 83° late Saturday afternoon down to 16° early this morning (67°!). Sure glad the only things I have in the ground right now are broccoli and onions. The plant life around here is not happy right now. Don’t touch those early blooms, they’ll crack!

Just keeping those sweaters and short pants handy.


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