Running the risk…

I’ve decided to have something like a resolution this year. I know it’s crazy and I almost always manage to avoid it, but this time there was just something I wanted to try. For 2015 I would like to try to simplify my life a little bit every day. It harkens back to a resolution that I made a while back – maybe the only one that I ever considered successful. That time I tried to throw something away every day for a year – I didn’t throw something out every day but I threw out over 365 things and that’s plenty good enough for me. Hey, I make the resolution, I get to set the parameters.

Wish me luck and may you have a wonderful year in 2015!

Omar, Pumpkin & Buddha keeping it simple

Omar, Pumpkin & Buddha keeping it simple


2 thoughts on “Running the risk…

  1. Throwing away 365 things, one thing per day, is an interesting and good idea because we tend to accumulate things. I don’t know why. I also made a clean up at the beggining of the year, but maybe I should follow your example and do one thing per day. It would be easier.

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