Hello new followers and visitors!

Thanks to everyone who has visited and followed my blog so far as a result of finding me through the Blogging 101 class. I’m having a great time checking out your blogs and look forward to finding more examples of the amazingly diverse world that is out there.

 It may take more than one try for some of us to begin keeping this up on a regular basis. I know that I am encouraged to keep going now that even just a few people have found my page. I’m quite stubborn that way — it’s a “don’t encourage me or else I’ll just keep going” sort of thing and it doesn’t take much encouragement for it to happen either.

I hope you have time to take a look at some of my previous posts while you’re here. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by and now I’m off to figure out how to follow “topics.”


3 thoughts on “Hello new followers and visitors!

    • Thanks, that’s what I was starting to notice. It’s good to hear someone else say so that I know it’s just one of those crazy thoughts bouncing around in my head!

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