Do you like taking photos of your neighborhood?

Do you want to help create a visual record of the things you see where you live? Have you ever wished you could gaze again upon something that was no longer there? An old or interesting house? Buildings you saw everyday that took you back to another time? A beautiful tree that made you feel good whenever you saw it?

Think of things from your past that you would like to have a visual reminder of. 

I wish I could see my grandparents house — the living room, the kitchen table where I spent so many happy hours, the dining room filled with fresh homemade treats when we arrived for Christmas.

We all take so many photos these days. How many of them are just variations of the same thing? Here we are smiling at this party. Here we are smiling at this restaurant. Here we are smiling at this beautiful spot on our vacation. I have no problem with those and I’m certainly not saying we should take less photos. I’m just reminding those of you who might be interested, those to whom it might matter, don’t forget to include some things that tell someone in future a little bit about your immediate surroundings. Show them what your everyday world looked like.

It takes very little imagination, stretched or otherwise, to see how it might matter to someone. It may be mundane to us today, but to someone tomorrow it could just be the coolest thing. Technologically it has never been easier to do this than today. Do you have a photo of the front of your house? Do you have photos looking up and down your street? Do you have one that shows your backyard? Many of us already do, I’m sure, but some don’t. So take a stroll, drive or bike or around and find those things in your neighborhood that add to the aesthetic enjoyment of your life and make a record of them.

If you would like to display some of your photos on the Neighborhood Photography Blog please leave a message for me in the comments below. Please take a moment to respond to my poll. Your opinion is important.


Thanks again for stopping by to read my blog and I look forward to our continued dialogue.


7 thoughts on “Do you like taking photos of your neighborhood?

  1. I think the neighborhood photography from different areas would be fascinating as a glimpse into other people’s realities and what is important to them. It’s a great idea! But I answered no in the poll because keeping a record for myself is not important. I still love the idea of a collection from different neighborhoods though!

    • My dream would be to attract people from different parts of the world because that would give the broadest perspective. I look at it as creating a record for the future. I helped someone who was working on a neighborhood history a few years ago and she was often contacting long time area residents in hopes of finding images of things that weren’t around anymore. Thanks a lot for your comment. I really appreciate it.

  2. i love taking photos of my neighborhood and my surrounding as i’m commuting from one place to another. i find that it’s very important to have things documented (even if you’ll only look at them once in a decade). because sometimes i’ll think to myself, too, how much i miss things, people, or places.

    • Thanks. Sadly I’m having a theme limbo crisis since making my last post on The Commons. Note to self: probably not a good idea to start trying new themes five minutes after asking everyone what they think of your theme.

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