Time for a production upgrade

Until recently my blog life has been lived in an erratic manner. I just finished Blogging 101 and although the next session has already begun and registration (completely free) has closed this time, you can still look over the topics from previous classes to help you decide if you want to participate next time. The class helped my blog develop some momentum and I highly recommend it.

This blog was started almost two years to the day before the class began which gives the analysis of my progress a nice consistency. During the first year I published 6 posts, the second year, 7 (Always able to look on the bright side, I’m at least glad the number went up!) 

and in the one month of taking Blogging 101, I published 7 posts, added a monthly photo gallery feature, gave my blog’s appearance quite a once over, started sending out notices on Twitter(@karlthib) and tumblr about posts, joined pinterest and linked to my 2 other blogs that have languished and are in need of a little traffic.

Now on to the really important stuff. In my blog’s first 2 years of existence, I had accumulated a grand total of 3 followers. Thank you Amy, Ray and Robin! Please everyone who reads this, check out 2me4art.comurbanwallart.wordpress.com and robinkalinich.wordpress.com. Between the three of them you will find a mountain of talent and inspiration. I have no idea how they found me, but I’m eternally grateful that they did. Since starting Blogging 101, the number of followers has gone up to 36! Many more than that have taken the time to have a look. Bloggers are making comments, I comment on their blogs, there is dialogue — and that’s what I’m looking for.

I know these numbers are modest compared to how some people fared, but they mean a lot to me. And although I’m always one to rest on his laurels (they’re so cozy and comforting on these long winter nights), I will (Word)press on. I am moving on to Blogging 201 and surprisingly I feel almost the same weak-kneed trepidation that I did when beginning Blogging 101.

So to get started with the new class, I have set goals for my immediate blogging future. My first goal is to start posting at least one 250+ word post per week and one new photo post per week. This may seem a little modest, but I know me, and it’s better, considering life’s other demands, if I try something realistic and attainable for myself based on my history. Besides, if I end up with 52 or more posts this year, I think it will be something to be very happy about.

Secondly, it’s way past time that I added some fresh content to my two photo blogs: the neighborhood photography blog and my personal photo blog. I have the work, I shoot more all the time — my goal is modest — just get some darn new photos on both of them! Considering how long it’s been (I’m not sayin’), any updates will be a huge improvement.

The third thing that I would like to accomplish in the next two weeks is to find another photographer who will be willing to contribute some photos to the neighborhood documentary blog. Broadly, it’s about preserving images of the present for those in the future and showing each other what it’s like where we live. I have a gallery set up for displays and a forum ready to go any time someone wants to start talking. Just ask me and I’ll tell you more.

I have great praise for Blogging 101 and everyone involved and I have high hopes for Blogging 201. But don’t worry, I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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11 thoughts on “Time for a production upgrade

  1. “Now on to the really important stuff. In my blog’s first 2 years of existence, I had accumulated a grand total of 3 followers. ” Haha, this did make me laugh out loud…. you basically described my own progress, only I had accumulated just one! What would we have done without Blogging Uni?

    • I don’t know. I’m much too stubborn to have given up so come next December, it would have probably been, “another year, another follower, oh boy.”

  2. modest is good! 😀 I had a grand total of 5 after more than 5 years prior to 101 – one follower a year. Bwahahhahaa! *i’m hanging my head in shame* So you are doing well, and it could only get better from here.

    I can barely keep up with one blog and you have 3 – wow! I’m not sure why I haven’t followed you before. And thanks for linking me up to your blog. 🙂

    • Thanks. I guess in my mind it all fits together in some kind of crazy one thing big picture that I haven’t fully defined yet – but then, that’s the journey right?

      By the way, it’s hard to imagine your blog ever being something to “Bwahahhahaa!” about whether anyone had found it yet or not. It was our loss for not finding it sooner.

  3. It’s a journey alright! I guess in a way, we are all in this together.

    Thanks Karl – that means a lot. Not a loss at all, you already found it! 😀 My fault for wanting to be a hermit all this while.teeheee!

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