Weird Image Wednesday

Is that a figure from a cave painting frozen under the ice on my rain gutter downspout?


Please see Weird Image Wednesday for more of these and entries by other photographers.




4 thoughts on “Weird Image Wednesday

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  2. I would never have guessed at that being ice. It’s like ripples of sand and the strange figure like remnants of seaweed. The picture does make you do a double take. Weird image wednesday a regular event? Think I’d like to join in!

    • Seaweed is good – I can definitely see that. This is the fourth week and and I’ve had submissions every time so I feel it’s off to a good start (optimist here). It’s listed on the Blogging U events page and the instructions are also on the Weird Image Wednesday page. I would be happy to have your contributions any time you like. I add links to all the participants photos and would like to eventually have some sort of occasional “round up” posts that include submitted images.

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