Spring Garden Update (2015 – Part One)

Home Garden

I started my second round of spring planting this weekend. It began on what was a beautiful afternoon at the nursery and the place was hopping with what I’m sure were many like minded gardeners. We all hovered back and forth around the large selection of available tomato and pepper plants (many other plants also) looking for our favorite varieties. I ended up coming home with nine tomato plants and seven pepper plants, along with a couple of new items for my herb bed. That’s a slightly larger number than I usually plant but I have a good feeling about this spring. I managed to get seven of the tomatoes planted that afternoon – six in one of my 4×4 foot raised beds and one in a large pot. I’m still not sure where to put the other two. I added fresh compost and a little bit of guano and dried molasses to the soil and fed then all with some seaweed and liquid molasses afterwards. That night we got a little rain and I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve managed to get rain right after planting.

Community Garden

In our community garden at work we have twice as many plots in use as we did this last year. Although we have some way to go before we reach full capacity, for now I think I’ll manage to live with one hundred percent growth. We are waiting to hear about a matching funds grant that we applied for which will enable us to set up 17 more plots to have available for anyone who wants to join. Up until now, we gardeners have all been building our own raised beds at our expense. Last year I had  one bed and this year I have two. I’m using one of them just for corn. After my success last year with just a few plants (and planted on a whim, at that), I’ve decided to give it a more serious try this time around to see if I can raise enough to give away to those in need.

10 thoughts on “Spring Garden Update (2015 – Part One)

  1. Hi Karl!!! Great to see you here in Writing 101. Liked your Spring update. It gives me hope that in another month, we’ll be ready for nursery time. Right now, we’re still in frost city, until around May 15. But I have seen a few buds on the big maples out back. see ya round campus!!!


    • I was thinking it was great to see you here also yesterday when I noticed you in The Commons. These classes really help stay me motivated to keep blogging. Maybe someday soon I’ll be ready to keep flying solo.

      • I completely agree. Although I want to learn to stick with my blog without having the commitment of any assignment, I blog to communicate and greatly enjoy all the connections I make with interesting people.

    • Thanks, I want to spend a more time writing about gardening. As I look at this post now, I just see all the additional details that I wish I had added.

      • It’s not that kind of challenge I guess, I’ve noticed the same with mine. It’s just a nice opportunity to see where our minds are taking us and we can expand in our own time.

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