Having fun with shadows & light

Chasing shadows and light can be great exercise

The shutters and multi-paned windows in our house often create some interesting shadows and beams of light on our floors and walls. The best times are early in the morning and late in the day. I have learned to run for my camera as soon as I notice something interesting because things change fast and and if I don’t act fast the effect that inspired me can quickly disappear.

Spent some time yesterday morning staring at the floor...

Spent some time yesterday morning staring at the floor…

Many of our windows have some pretty old glass which can create some mysterious and interesting lighting effects.

and yesterday evening staring at the wall.

and yesterday evening staring at the wall.



9 thoughts on “Having fun with shadows & light

    • I use a Sony a550 and mostly use a Minolta lens from a film camera. It has a nice look (especially backgrounds) and can be pretty sharp if I pay attention. I shoot in aperture priority and shutter priority modes fairly often, sometimes manual and sometimes I change the ISO. I use manual focus quite a bit. Thanks for your comments and interest. Hope you stop by again sometime.

      • Wow that’s awesome.
        Taking photos in manual I found wasn’t too difficult. The part I struggled with is the photoshop aspect of photography and no problem!
        I most definitely will drop by again! 🙂

      • Also I shoot in RAW format. It’s a good thing to learn to do because it gives you the best options in post production – especially for highlights and shadows.

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