8 thoughts on “OneMonarch

  1. I already checked your other two blogs, Karl. The presentation in both are very nice, as well as the photos. The Neighborhood Documentary Photography blog it’s an interesting project. I clicked on the Members Gallery but it didn’t show photos or archives. All the photos are yours or also from contributors?

    • Thanks for looking. Right now it’s just me. One of the three goals I set out at the beginning of Blogging 201 was to find one person interested in participating on some level. The blog idea is something that’s been in mind for a while. I’ve participated in and organized several neighborhood photo shows where photographers of various levels of experience shot in certain parts of town for a set time. Then we would hold an exhibit. Over time I grew to like organizing and promoting other people’s work. I found I had the knack for it and I can be pretty good at wrangling creative people. I still shoot photos all the time but I enjoying helping other photographers more now. Sorry about the long winded answer – should probably just turn it into a blog post!

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