Time for a production upgrade

Until recently my blog life has been lived in an erratic manner. I just finished Blogging 101 and although the next session has already begun and registration (completely free) has closed this time, you can still look over the topics from previous classes to help you decide if you want to participate next time. The class helped my blog develop some momentum and I highly recommend it.

This blog was started almost two years to the day before the class began which gives the analysis of my progress a nice consistency. During the first year I published 6 posts, the second year, 7 (Always able to look on the bright side, I’m at least glad the number went up!)  Continue reading

Getting Ready to Plant Something

I was out in the backyard today watching Leo and feeling completely overwhelmed (but in a good way) about the approaching spring. Building on last year’s banner tomato year, both as still life material and on the table, I think it’s just about time to get some in the ground. There’s still a slight chance of a couple of nights close to freezing, but I think I can protect my plants well enough.