My morning walk

When it comes to being a creature of good habit, I often do a very poor job of it. I can never tell myself things and take myself very seriously because I always know that it’s just me saying it. It took me years to learn to get out of bed on time so that I would not be chronically late. Every day I told myself the same old lie — I’ll just stay here in bed a few more minutes — and every day I fell back to sleep until well past the time that I needed to get up in order to start my daily routine in a “timely” manner.

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Standing in one place and spinning around

I’m starting to see that the gardening, art, food and photography combination of interests is not uncommon. There was a time in my life when this may have intimidated me. I look at other people’s painting, photos and beautiful gardens and once again I’m reminded that everything I ever do always ends up having some kind of rough edge. It’s so easy for me to look at the beautiful perfectly lit and interestingly composed images and think, “Oh, why even bother?”

The answer is that the subjects are important to me and I want to communicate my feelings about them — and I know that sometimes I connect.  Continue reading

Do you like taking photos of your neighborhood?

Do you want to help create a visual record of the things you see where you live? Have you ever wished you could gaze again upon something that was no longer there? An old or interesting house? Buildings you saw everyday that took you back to another time? A beautiful tree that made you feel good whenever you saw it?

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Getting Ready to Plant Something

I was out in the backyard today watching Leo and feeling completely overwhelmed (but in a good way) about the approaching spring. Building on last year’s banner tomato year, both as still life material and on the table, I think it’s just about time to get some in the ground. There’s still a slight chance of a couple of nights close to freezing, but I think I can protect my plants well enough.