Weird Image Wednesday [150722]

Nature in the city

I’m always interested in the ways nature manages to survive in the concrete jungle. This tree (I think it’s a hackberry) is growing inside a sign pole. I also like that it happens to be a No Parking sign. It was completely trimmed out a while back and now it has grown back. I drive by this every day, to and from work, and finally managed to stop and take some shots of it.




Weird Image Wednesday [150408]

Hummingbird Moth hovering around my Salvia. The first time I saw one of these, it seemed like it was a hummingbird but there was just something strange about it. Later I learned what it was. It’s called a hummingbird moth and that is exactly what I was inclined to call it when I first saw it.


With a little help from our friends

Weird Image Wednesdays is underway

This is the official announcement of a new blogging event “Weird Image Wednesdays.” Everyone is welcome to contribute by posting images on your site and linking to the event page. The title of your post should reference the event, but I’ll leave it up to your creativity to decide how. If you like, you can add a link to your post in the comments section on the event page.

I’ve gotten the ball rolling with a very unusual odds-defying occurrence that happened right under my feet. There will be no defining of the term  weird to worry about. The idea is just to share something unusual, fun, quirky, silly, outrageous, incongruous — hope you have the idea by now — in the middle of the week to make people smile, distract them from their cares for a moment or just generally shake things up a little.

This will be an ongoing event and depending on participation and interest, we may vote on some “Best Of” galleries in the future. Above all else, let’s make it fun!

I look forward to seeing your images.