Weird Image Wednesday [150429]

Sometimes it really does depend on how you look at things.

I exhibited this photo a number of times in my shows and I always used the version on the left because I liked the way the paw prints looked in relief. It was shot by holding a twin lens reflex camera out in front of me, directly above the subject with the film plane parallel to the sidewalk. So really, this photo can go either way and still be right way around.

Paw prints on sidewalk.

Paw prints on sidewalk.

My morning walk

When it comes to being a creature of good habit, I often do a very poor job of it. I can never tell myself things and take myself very seriously because I always know that it’s just me saying it. It took me years to learn to get out of bed on time so that I would not be chronically late. Every day I told myself the same old lie — I’ll just stay here in bed a few more minutes — and every day I fell back to sleep until well past the time that I needed to get up in order to start my daily routine in a “timely” manner.

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