Weird Image Wednesday [180905]

Animal Dexterity

Lone assailant or teamwork? I don’t think the hummingbirds did this.

At least the raccoon(s) was/were polite enough to carefully leave the bottom of the feeder sitting on the railing instead of callously tossing it aside. I’m very curious about the mechanics of this operation—whether it was the work of one dexterous individual carefully unscrewing the base at the limits or their reach, or whether there was some kind of support from a friend (hanging on? standing on shoulders?) to make the work easier.

Results are in, Spring still my favorite season

I was thinking of putting "Your Ad Here" on the stone next to my rain gauge.

I was thinking of putting “Your Ad Here” on the stone next to my rain gauge.

Much of what I think about water these days has to do with rain. When I grew up in south Louisiana, I took water for granted. It rained a lot, we lived right next to a bayou and there was water nearby in every direction.

Now I appreciate every drop. Gardening viability, tree health, drinking water supplies — these things are on my mind frequently. The first real post on this blog was about rain.

This is a rain gauge that Julie gave me for our anniversary. Who knew that 21 years is frog yard art! So far I’ve been very glad to see this little garden helper get plenty of action. The frog seems okay with it too.

This frog and I love the same things - being in the garden and rain.

This always ready frog and I love the same things – being in the garden and rain.

Weird Image Wednesday [150722]

Nature in the city

I’m always interested in the ways nature manages to survive in the concrete jungle. This tree (I think it’s a hackberry) is growing inside a sign pole. I also like that it happens to be a No Parking sign. It was completely trimmed out a while back and now it has grown back. I drive by this every day, to and from work, and finally managed to stop and take some shots of it.