Standing in one place and spinning around

I’m starting to see that the gardening, art, food and photography combination of interests is not uncommon. There was a time in my life when this may have intimidated me. I look at other people’s painting, photos and beautiful gardens and once again I’m reminded that everything I ever do always ends up having some kind of rough edge. It’s so easy for me to look at the beautiful perfectly lit and interestingly composed images and think, “Oh, why even bother?”

The answer is that the subjects are important to me and I want to communicate my feelings about them — and I know that sometimes I connect. 

Therefore, being the tenaciously stubborn person I am,  with the merest encouragement and approval I will just go on and on in a manner and quantity completely out of proportion with whatever meager approval I receive.

Taking my thoughts and writing online in this way is a big step for me. It’s a little scary. Over the last year I have participated regularly in a web design forum. After doing it for a few months, the thought came to mind that I was learning how to communicate online in writing. I hadn’t been consciously seeking that skill — hadn’t even thought of it as something to be sought. I really just wanted to get some free web hosting. I was surprised to be asked if I would be interested in helping to moderate the forum (there’s that darn encouragement again, people really should be a little more careful).

So this — putting more and more regular effort into a blog — is the next step for me. Blogging 101 came along at an ideal time. It’s been great so far. I have often heard it said that no two people will take the same photo in the same situation. That is something special to keep us going. But I always like to add that even if they did take the same photo, that too would be something special. Thanks to everyone who has viewed my blog, followed me and commented. I’ll try my best to not make you regret the encouragement.

I Value Your Feedback

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