My morning walk

When it comes to being a creature of good habit, I often do a very poor job of it. I can never tell myself things and take myself very seriously because I always know that it’s just me saying it. It took me years to learn to get out of bed on time so that I would not be chronically late. Every day I told myself the same old lie — I’ll just stay here in bed a few more minutes — and every day I fell back to sleep until well past the time that I needed to get up in order to start my daily routine in a “timely” manner.

Finally I discovered one of those modern conveniences that I always ignore until they are very old news. It was the programmable coffee maker that finally made the difference for me. Not only was I motivated by the delicious aroma and availability of a fresh pot of coffee, but I wasn’t too crazy about having that pot of coffee just sitting there cooking away while I slept. So if you want to say that the only thing that was ever able to get me out of bed in the morning was the nagging realization that there was an appliance with a heating element burning away in another part of the house, that’s fine with me. The only thing that matters to me is that something finally worked.

As a result of this innovation, I suddenly found myself in possession of something that I knew little about — time…to…do…things…in…the…morning. I now have a stack of filled up journals and completed paintings thanks to that time. But the thing that has meant the most to me is the morning walk.

My life has changed so much that now I can go for a walk before I’ve even had the coffee. In fact, the coffee maker is now set to start at about the time I return from my walk. It’s the walk that wakes me up in the morning. I know that no matter what I feel like when I wake up, I’ll feel better after the walk. No matter what kind of seemingly miserable failure the rest of the day turns into, I have that one accomplishment under my belt — and because of the walk, the day will have a tendency to turn out better anyway.

It’s usually still dark when I head out and it’s cool and quiet but not solitary. There are other walkers, joggers and people walking dogs. I don’t always leave at exactly the same time or follow the same route and this adds variety of place, time and characters to the encounters. It’s the best way I have ever found to start my day and it contributes greatly to both physical and mental health.

I’ve always felt that it wasn’t necessary to go anywhere far off to gain inspiration. I fully understand that it is not that way for everyone. For me, if I can’t find it in my own backyard or around my neighborhood than it’s probably not anywhere else. Even better, if I can find it in my own backyard then I will find it everywhere. My morning walk is something that I don’t ever like to miss.

Thanks for the daily prompt!

8 thoughts on “My morning walk

  1. Blooming very nicely where you are planted..
    Another solo voice on the dawn trail …
    Thats’ me on the otherside of the road quoting Dr. Ernst Van Aaken to myself

    “Health must be won and re won daily into highest old age.”

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  3. I can agree that it can be so hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning! When I was in college, I would wake up early to go to the gym with a friend. The exercise woke me up and the accountability got me out of bed. I find it harder to get in that morning exercise now, but am inspired by your post to possibly try again. Thanks!
    I wrote a response to this prompt on my own blog. Maybe I’ll be adding a morning walk to the list soon…

  4. I’ve always meant to start walking. And I did, at the beginning of last Fall. Though we had to drive to get there. It’s part of what I call my Secret Spot adventure; out on the wooded trails, where my companions are the glorious trees, the buzzing bees, and that earthy scent which is one of the greatest kinds of incense I can think of. Sadly, the feet of snow which leave access to these wonderlands out of reach until Spring melts it all, keeps me indoors. I hope the months away won’t have me forgetting to return to that passion.

    Your posts are greatly inspiring. Have I said that?

    • Sounds like you haven’t forgotten yet. Hopefully the now covering snow will melt to nourish all the things you love about your Secret Spot.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment about my posts. A compliment like that goes a long way towards helping me to keep going.

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